Our Cloud Customer Data Management (CDM) keeps growing. Know the reasons here!

Our Cloud Customer Data Management (CDM) keeps growing 🚀 !! Want to know why it’s key for #Marketing professionals?

👉 It is responsible for aggregating and organizing customer data, extracted from multiple sources and through various contact points, in order to optimize marketing efforts.

👉 Collect and structure data in real time, from any CRM such as #Salesforce or #microsoftdynamics; from transactional systems such as #Sage or #SAP; or from websites, e-commerce, call center, email marketing, and social channels, among others.

👉 It activates known audiences in different marketing channels, obtaining first-person data that allows you to customize the #digital customer experience and «targetize» specific groups.

👉 It incorporates our powerful native #BigData that many already know as Bibold-Octopus

👉 Its real-time orchestration allows you to build profiles that link attributes to identities, sharing profile information with other marketing platforms to customize and automate workflows

👉 Create business rules, alerts, and more…

👉 And now also through #applied artifical intelligence adds #diagnostic analytics, #predictive, and #prescriptive to your Marketing!