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The mobile real-time data-driven enterprise

Bibold assists companies in their transition to the world of the corporate "Mobile Apps" with Business Intelligence (BI).

Our integrated BI, Mobility and Cloud solutions enable not only to talk about BI applications to take better decision of the management team "Management Intelligence", but also provide our employees with "Operational Intelligence".

We are experts in identifying and defining key performance indicators (KPI's) that allow to monitor and make decisions in real time about the implementation of the strategy and provide our management team and employees the accurate information necessary to operate with maximum effectiveness.

1. Strategic Agility: The Execution Is the Strategy

Today the high digitalization of consumers and customers, the speed of business dynamics due to constant changes, its unpredictability and complexity, requires that managers have the relevant information in real time "anytime, anywhere on anydevice" for decision-making and strategy execution.

Bibold provides the necessary tools and services to enable executives and employees operating with "Strategic Agility" to perceive earlier, decide smarter, execute faster.


Perceive Earlier


Decide Smarter


Execute Faster

2. Multichannel / Omnichannel

The goal of any organization should be to provide a flexible shopping experience, regardless of whether the client enters a store, visit the website or is purchasing through his mobile or tablet. This requires taking care of all points of interaction, ensuring that the offer is complete and consistent across all channels.

The Bibold Solutions with Operational Intelligence provides the necessary tools and services to operate efficiently, integrating each one of the customer interaction channels.




The customer experience



What we do

Modular and per-industry specialized solutions to provide intelligence and agility to the strategy execution, integrating BI (Business Intelligence), transactions, and multimedia with full mobility.

With our Mobile BI Prêt-à-Porter solutions, we help our clients to improve their business, taking better decisions, improving their resources efficiency and increasing revenues and margins.

Our solutions are delivered as SaaS and are based on MicroStrategy technology (BI, Transactional and Multimedia) and our VoiceGen® technology (voice, video and data).

Our solutions are delivered as SaaS-Cloud.
As MicroStrategy's strategic partner, we combine their leading BI solution
with our VoiceGen® technology platform.


Corporate Mobile Apps
  Transactional B.I. and Multimedia


Business Intelligence



Sectorial dashboards for to the management team.

  • Retail sector
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hotel sector
  • Industrial Sector
  • Other areas

Operational intelligence



Operational intelligence applied to multichannel.

  • Sales force
  • Customer service
  • e/m commerce
  • Shop
  • Revenue management
  • Omnichannel

Solutions for other areas




Smart Business Apps


How we do it



We start from your business an multi-channel (Omnichannel) strategies, and if it is needed, we formalized and we propose some improvements.




We can also define, design and implement the operating model and processes, organizational model and the necessary technology to drive them, as well as the implementation roadmap to make it happen.




We define, design and implement Management and Operational Intelligence solutions and the Smart Business Apps necessary to operate with "Strategic Agility".


Mobile business solutions should not be a plain copy of the desktop experience, they must be able to access different back-end systems (ERP, CRM ... etc), front-end and various external sources. Integrating these resources in real time, our "Corporate Mobile BI Apps" provide business value to executives and employees in mobility.


Our SaaS solution is completely independent of the company's current IT infrastructure.

We capture the data needed to feed our management and operational core intelligence on the cloud.





Delivered in four weeks


Without any modifications on your IT Systems


Our team's wide business experience


We make use of the most advanced state-of-the-art technologies

Our Team

From our previous experience in large consulting firms we thought that today is required an agile consulting that focuses on the applicability of the solution and the quick results (making things happen).

We take responsibility for the definition, design and implementation of our business solutions.

  • Experts in BI, Mobility and Cloud Computing.
  • Experts in business management transformation based on real-time data and strategic agility operation.
  • Formed by consultants who have been "on both sides":
  • Company (Mgmt & Field) - Consulting.



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