Bibold provides organizations with a platform to digitally transform their marketing.

The solution offers marketers the ability to get real-time insight into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and spend, allows adjustments based on predictive modeling rather than reactivity and maximizes customer value with targeted up-sell and cross-sell messaging.


Our solutions enable finance departments to digitally transform their businesses.

Bibold offers an integrated enterprise analytics platform that equips finance departments with powerful tools to help streamline financial reporting, budgeting, and planning processes and ensure data accuracy. Our advanced analytics and mobile capabilities help organizations to accelerate the financial close and reporting process, make more informed operating and investment decisions, better manage risk, and navigate complex regulatory requirements.


Bibold helps companies optimize their sales operations.

Our solution is an integrated platform that empowers companies with powerful analytical and mobile sales enablement solutions to be more effective and efficient when working in the field. Sales reps can have real-time access to sales data and analytics, enabling them to make more accurate pipeline forecasts and identify potential upsell opportunities in their existing accounts.

Human Resources

Bibold helps companies transform their Human Resources department.

Our solution allows companies to automate the department and therefore  make decisions faster, planning is improved, improvement points and specific problems of employees are identified, companies hire the best talent… Analytical tools provide an opportunity for human resources managers to improve their long-term strategy.


Our solution allows IT departments to transform digitally.

Thanks to the new technologies of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, IT managers will be able to collect information and use statistics on their own to perform quality analysis and predictions and use applications to monitor company processes.

Supply Chain

Bibold also allows improvement in the processes of the company.

Our Big Data solution has an impact on all activities in the supply chain, from improving delivery times to identifying ways to reduce the communication gap between manufacturers and suppliers. Analytical reports allow decisions to be made to achieve operational efficiency and to monitor performance to improve productivity. In addition, it reduces costs and improves service levels.

‘’Perceive Earlier, Decide Smarter, Execute Faster’’

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