Bibold Smart Business Apps (PoC)

Modular and Sectoral Solutions «DoITNow» as Engine of Change

We provide Bibold «Do IT Now» Solutions in the form of Concept Testing (PoC) on demand for modular and sectoral solutions of any of our technologies, supplied from our BESC ecosystem of business intelligence services.

The objective is to contribute to the management of Organizational Change that requires the evolution towards a Data-Driven Culture, allowing companies to enter the world of both BI and Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, accelerating their adoption, but minimizing the risk. Our Smart Business PoC Apps can be customized with Sprints that are agile to the needs of each Organization or Department, adding mobility, transactions and multimedia.

This also allows to operate in a guided way to different departments placing the other employees not only as observers, but also as generators of information, involving them as well as engine of change.

Integrated mobile apps for Insights-Driven process mobilization

Artificial intelligence integrated in BESC facilitates the creation of Smart Business Apps focused on streamlining processes, automating increasingly complex tasks, anticipating and deciding better, reducing risks, and increasing security, liberating workers from the most tedious processes, encouraging more creative and productive tasks:

✓ Improvements in almost all processes through automation. Tasks that are repetitive are a candy for AI systems.

✓ Increased productivity. Within routine tasks, these technologies can offer assistance and thus complement processes with greater efficiency.

✓ Speed and accuracy. With a high level of data to analyze, AI makes it possible to streamline decision making. Not only that, but decisions are quality, precise decisions.

✓ A step forward in innovation. The next link in the chain of intelligent processes caters for products and services more associated with innovation.

✓ Personalized Customer Service, with recommendations that maximize sales, support through «Bots» or virtual agents. Communication moves to another level, before, during and after the purchase of any product or service.

In the field of AI prediction (AI Forecasting) there are 7 evolutions that allow us to gradually address the improvements that it brings in business management with the help of automation and anticipation that the AI integrated in BESC offers us.

’Perceive Earlier, Decide Smarter, Execute Faster’’

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