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Collaboration is key to success in the age of digital technologies. At Bibold, we work together with our Partners to enable them and connect with new customers and help gain competitive advantage with our suite of transformative telecom services. Bibold Global Partnerships & Alliances program is a 360 degree partner relationship and is aimed at building synergistic and sustainable relationships with our Partners to meet the unique needs of both our customers and Partners. Our team manages and nurtures these partnerships to explore and develop global business opportunities.

Bibold offers diverse and customized Partnership programs for businesses interested in leveraging our innovative technologies, world-class solutions and unparalleled telecom expertise. Experience the uniqueness of Bibold partnership to:

Engagement Models

Go to Market Partners


  • Grow into new markets: Address new customers with a new world services through collaborations
  • Meet Customer Demands: Innovatively solve customer challenges with end to end solutions
  • Grow Revenue: Leverage our carrier relationships to boost your top line
  • Add Our Solutions To Your Portfolio:Build on our best-in-class offerings to strike a new conversations with your customers. Access to a full range of premium telecommunication transformation products and services.

Delivery Partnership


  • Be our talent pipeline: Find exciting new opportunities for your best and brightest candidates
  • Deliver transformation at scale:Manage and operate complex telecom infrastructure for our global customers
  • Leverage Knowledge: Leverage our global telecom experience to boost learning for your team
  • Enter New Markets: our global footprint to extend your services to countries where we operate. Leverage
  • Revenue Growth: Leverage our carrier relationships to boost your top line
  • Widen Service Portfolio: Get opportunities to enter into new service areas of your interest

IP Partnerships


  • Accelerate Revenue: Generate revenue for start-ups with home-grown technologies
  • Amplify: Get your individual creations appreciated and notices by larger audience
  • Patent Generate and secure your IP
  • Grow Drive ever-increasing valuations for your startup by building on our technology platforms
  • Diversify Strengthen your company’s portfolio by expanding to new segments

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