Bibold Enterprise Secure Cloud (BESC)

  • BESC Business Intelligence: Strategic Agility through Big Data & AI
  • BESC Engines: Features beyond BI
  • BESC Data Integration: Bidirectional Data Flow (Automation & AI)
  • BESC Multiclient BI: Federated Analysis and the Intelligent Enterprise
  • BESC Hiperintelligence: Towards Intelligent and Cognitive Enterprise
  • BESC Ecosystem: A complete and competitive Ecosystem in SaaS

Bibold Data Management as a Service (DMaaS)

  • DMaaS Portfolio: A Catalogue of Professional Services that covers the entire Data Value Chain
  • DMaaS Methodology: Analytical Maturity as a Continuous Improvement of Data Management

Bibold DoITNow Advantage (BESC & DMaaS)

  • Benefits of this new unified data-driven management model

Bibold Smart Business Apps (PoC)

  • Modular and Sectoral Solutions «DoITNow» as Engine of Change
  • Integrated mobile apps for Insights-Driven process mobilization
  • Enterprise Automation through Integrated Artificial Intelligence
’Perceive Earlier, Decide Smarter, Execute Faster’’

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